Submersible Pressure Transducer (PT430 - 20m range - 40m cable)

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Our PT430 series can be used for most water level applications. The balance of accuracy, reliability, and form factor (narrow diameter), makes the PT430 very popular for bore or groundwater level monitoring.

Moisture protection termination box available separately, for instances where it is not possible to terminate the cable and capillary tube in a moisture-free environment.

Key Features

  • 0-20m range
  • 40m cable
  • 4-20mA output
  • Accuracy ±0.25% of full range

Important: the capillary (ventilation) tube must be free of moisture. Do not cut or seal the capillary tube as this will void warranty.

Contact us for pricing on submersible pressure transducers with higher accuracy or ranges not listed here.